About me

Hi, I'm Matt, I'm a full time contractor and educator.

I work full time as senior developer and team leader supporting international companies in building world-famous applications. Additionally, I help smaller teams and individuals to expand their programming knowledge.

  • Senior React & React Native Developer
  • Team Leader (Frontend & Mobile)
  • Educator (Javascript Technologies)

Conference enthusiast

Conferences are a place where we can meet and talk to amazing people from all over the world. From the very beginning of my programming career, I participated in all possible events that contributed to the rapid growth of my knowledge. Currently, I am trying to be not only a participant, but also a speaker.

  • Scheduled - React Advanced (London) - October 2022
  • Scheduled - Gitex (Dubai) - October 2022
  • NFT Day & Blockchain week (Paris) - March 2022
  • Code Europe (Poland) - March 2022
  • Cryptoverse (Poland) - February 2022
  • Gitex (Dubai) - October 2021
  • Infoshare (Poland) - October 2021
  • Code Europe (Poland) - September 2021

Kitesurfing lover

Kitesurfing is a sport that gives me a lot of fun and allows me to clear my mind. Additionally, it is a cure for a sedentary lifestyle.