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Technical onboarding. Preparation for commercial projects. Qualifications upskilling.



Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of development teams from all over the world.

Developers who have been hired, despite the positive outcome of the recruiting process, usually do not have the knowledge to support commercial projects from the very beginning. Regardless of the junior / mid / senior level the person is at, it requires thorough checking and knowledge upskilling. Despite the years of experience of the recruited person, I have repeatedly encountered the fact that the lack of knowledge is really significant.

This makes the work of technical project leaders difficult, because in addition to focusing on project needs, often also pressure from the client, their task is to train the people we have employed. Which can result in frustration, project delay, or negative communication between developers.


Working with technology companies over the years, I have developed an additional stage after recruitment - employee upskilling.

During this stage, I work with programmers to enrich their knowledge, broaden their skills, efficiency and commitment. So that, after joining a commercial project, such person would be ready to support the team and not to be an additional slowdown for the first few months of learning.


During the upskilling process, I get to know the employed person better, I check their skills and improve their qualifications in the shortest possible time. During the training, we focus on:

  • technical talks
  • solving technical tasks
  • preparing of a small project and its architecture

I find it works great, because of the motivation and commitment of new people.

  • the hired programmer is provided with the technical onboarding process as the first experience with a given company,
  • developer evaluates the company better thanks to the first impressions of the onboarding, training and deployment
  • the employed person is immediately in the foreground, we require commitment, building projects, solving tasks in a short time
  • developer is aware that it is being prepared to support the project intensively, and not to be a slowdown for the leader in it.

In addition, by getting to know the person better, defining their commitment, knowledge and willingness to support the company, we are able to check at the first stage whether this person is trustworthy, ready to represent the company in front of clients and whether we should delegate them to key commercial projects.

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